A Caterer Introduction: Questions To Ask

Central California Wedding Planner

Food brings everyone together, and your wedding is no exception. Selecting your wedding cuisine is not the hard part; making sure your caterer can provide excellent service is where it can get a little tricky. So before you pick your favorite restaurant from down the street, ask them the following questions to ensure your big day is a success. 


1. Do you have our wedding date available?

2. Can I taste the menu, or parts of it in advance?

3. Are the menu selections flexible?

4. Have you worked at my venue before?

5. Is there a minimum charge?

6. What is your cancellation policy?

7. What is your payment schedule? What forms of payment do you take?

8. What is included in your fee {tax, gratuity, service fees, staff, cake cutting, bartender, alcohol, mixers, water, tables, linens, dish rentals, flatware, glassware, garbage can/liners}? 

9. Will you handle the setting of the tables?

10. Does your staff handle set up and clean up? How much time is required?

11. How long does a typical service take?

12. What is a typical reception like? How does it flow?

13. Will dinner be served buffet, family or plated? If buffet, will your staff dismiss tables?

14. Do you have alternative food options for children? Are children charged differently?

15. Do you accommodate dietary restrictions? Are there additional fees?

16. Will your staff pass out champagne before the toasts are given?

17. How early do you arrive to set up?

18. What is the staff attire?

19. How many servers walk around to serve appetizers? Maintain table service?

20. When will you need the final guest count?