A Venue Site Visit: Questions To Ask

Central California Wedding Planner

Any of you who have started the big venue search will quickly realize that although you have lots of questions during a consultation meeting, you will walk away thinking of more questions that you should have asked. Knowing what to ask and what to expect will ensure your big day is a success. So before you make your decision, sit down with the venue manager and go over the following questions.


1. Do you have my date available? How many weddings can be booked that day?

2. What’s the maximum number of guests you can accommodate?

3. What is the rental fee and what is included in the price {tables, linens, chairs, tableware, rooms, bridal suite, etc.}? Can I view a sample of items you provide {tables, chairs, linens, etc.}?

4. How much is the deposit? What is the payment plan for the entire bill?

5. Are there any hidden costs like a service charge, gratuity, cleaning fees, etc.?

6. How long will I have to use the event space I reserve {including time for tear down}? Is there a cost for additional hours?

7. Is there any set-up/tear down service available?

8. What forms of payment do you take?

9. What is your cancellation policy?

10. What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?

11. Do I need to obtain any permits or insurance for the wedding {insurance liability, noise ordinance, etc.}? Does the venue have liability insurance?

12. How much time is allocated for the rehearsal?

13. Is there ample parking on-site? Is it complimentary?

14. Do you have a preferred vendor list?

15. When can I begin set-up on my wedding day? Can I start the day before?

16. Are there any restrictions on use of the space {open flames, ceiling hangings, etc.}?

17. Can I move things around and decorate to suit my vision, or do I have to leave everything as is?

18. Are there any areas we won’t have access to?

19. Is the venue child friendly? Are there accommodations for the elderly and disabled?

20. Are there adequate bathroom facilities?

21. Are there restrictions on photography or videography?

22. If I need to bring in a caterer, are kitchen facilities available for them?

23. If food is provided by the venue, what is the food and beverage cost on a per-person basis? What is the tax and service charge?

24. What is the policy regarding alcohol? Are you licensed to provide alcohol service? If so, what is your pricing?

25. Is the champagne toast complimentary?

26. Are there any additional charges for bar staff/wait staff?

27. If we can bring in our own liquor, is there a corkage fee?

28. Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? Do you provide any sound equipment?

29. What security services do you offer?