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Wedding Stationery Snapshot

We always get questions regarding the timeframe for save-the-dates, formal invitations and thank you notes; and we are sorry to say that there really is no right or wrong when sending out your wedding stationery. Of course you shouldn't send it out a week before the event and of course you need to be aware of when the final count for food, florals and rentals will be needed, but there is no one rule fits all for this scenario. Luckily, our invitation timeline {for both destination and local weddings} has saved us on more than one occassion and can serve as a great starting point for your wedding.  

Central California Wedding Planner



Save-the-dates are not necessary, but they are a great way to inform your guests of
your upcoming nuptials, especially if you are planning it overseas. 



Don’t make the mistake of sending invitations too far in advance. Send invitations in the appropriate window so guests can remember your date and arrange accommodations.



Your RSVP deadline will be dependent on the lead time for each of your vendors. Catering may be the most important, but make sure to check will each service to narrow down final guest count.



Make sure to stay on top of your thank you notes. Once a gift is received, make sure to immediately send a thank you card. Any gifts obtained at the wedding should receive a thank you
card no later than one month after the wedding.