For some brides, shopping for a wedding gown can be utterly thrilling, while for others, it's an utter nightmare. Regardless of your stance, a wedding gown is an essential part of your nuptials and can't be overlooked. To help make the process a tad bit easier, we've compiled a small list of important tips to follow. Selecting the perfect gown for your big day is no small feat, but with the right help it can be worthwhile. 


1. Know your budget, and keep in mind the little extras {accessories, alterations, etc.}

REAL TALK: Don't try on dresses outside of your budget!!

2. It's OK to love the first dress, it is simply meant to be. 

3. Do your research and get to know the basic wedding lingo such as silhouette, neckline, waistline, trains, embellishments, etc.

4. Be open to different styles, you never know what it will look like until you try it on. 

5. Morning appointments are our favorite. Both the bride and sales consultants are alert and ready to go.

6. If it can be avoided, don't bring a large entourage to try on gowns. Having too many cooks in the kitchen can cloud one's judgment. 

7. Before going shopping, make sure to eat a light meal and wear well-fitted undergarments.

8. Consider formality, tradition, season and venue location when selecting your gown.  

9. Ask plenty of questions, read the contract and take plenty of photos. 

10. Sleep on it and go with your gut. 

11. Be prepared to go home empty-handed, but don't worry, the perfect dress really DOES exist.