The Rental Checklist

Central California Wedding Planner

Wedding Rental Items

It's important to figure out what rental items are needed for your wedding day, and whether they are included in your venue or not, there are a few things that should not go unaccounted for. Our checklist below highlights the basic rentals to make any party successful. 



Be prepared for Plan B. The weather can change in an instant, and if you are hosting an outdoor wedding, it's better to be safe than sorry. A tent can shield your guests from the sun, wind and rain and provide a more controlled environment.



In case your venue does not provide table and chair rentals, you will need to make note of all of the areas where tables and chairs are necessary. Don't forget about the miscellaneous tables for gifts, the guestbook, seating arrangements and those required by your vendors such as catering tables, cake table, clean-up tables, etc. To simplify the process, make sure to ask each vendor what rentals they are in need of.  



Renting a generator may be critical if you are hosting an outdoor or rural wedding. Think about the vendors that need a power source (caterer, DJ, lighting, ice, etc.) and how much. Don't assume that each vendor will be able to self-sustain themselves.



Depending on your total guest count, you can determine the size of dance floor you will need to rent. There are also several options in material and color that you can choose from to match your wedding theme.



To make your wedding come to life, you will need to look into renting table linens, napkins, tableware and barware. There are countless options regarding fabric styles, plates, glasses and flatware that you will love.