Writing Your Own Wedding Vows?

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Wedding Vow Inspiration

So you decided to write your own wedding vows, and nothing makes sense anymore. Writer's block has set up permanent residence and anytime you bring pen to paper you become your own worst critic. Yep, that sounds about right. But before we move on, take a moment and just BREATHE. You are not alone. We know the struggle and we are here to help. Here is the homework you need to do to make your vows meaningful and expressive.  



Don't underestimate your timeframe. Even though you may have a few months until your wedding, think about the revisions and reflections needed to make these words perfect. This is not an assignment that can go unnoticed until the final hours. Make the time and energy to get it right.



Decide on the tone of your vows as a couple. Do you imagine your vows to be poetic? How about quirky, or humorous? There are many tones to choose from, and you can never go wrong with selecting a tone that reflects your personalities and relationship. Make sure you review the smaller details as well. Do you plan to write your vows together or separately? Will you share your vows with one another prior to the big day? 



You will soon realize that poetry, classic novels and even movies can be great resources. Don't be afraid to review traditional vows either. You never know what will speak to you and tug at your heart. Jotting down notes and quotes can help guide you along.



Set time aside to reflect on your partner and relationship. Tackle the big questions and look to your responses for inspiration. When did you fall in love? How does he/she surprise you? Take a look at our list of questions to get started:

  • When did you realize you were in love?

  • What have you supported one another through? What do you plan to accomplish together?

  • What do you plan to accomplish together?

  • What about them inspires you?

  • What do you miss most about them when you're apart?

  • What qualities do you most admire in one another?



Simply put, wedding vows are a list of promises that you make to your partner. So it is only fitting that you include a few meaningful and sincere promises of your own. These promises can be broad and/or tailored to you and your partner. 



A simple outline of your vows can make all the difference. You want to make sure there is some organization in your writing. This will help people follow along and take in what you have to say.  



The best way to prepare is to practice your vows aloud. Reading them aloud will allow you to make necessary edits and changes. You should also practice your delivery and presentation during this stage.