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The Wedding Day Timeline

Timeline’s can be a tricky thing, but the key is to be PREPARED. A good timeline allows for downtime and is built with room for hiccups, giving you peace of mind. I understand it can be overwhelming to capture every detail, but follow our tips to construct your ideal timeline.

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It only took seconds to fall in love with Cardella Winery, but the cobblestone pathways, manicured landscape and incredible sliding glass doors leading into the tasting room, had my heart swooning. This venue was the perfect setting for Matthew + Skylar to become man and wife and to celebrate with their family and friends.

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Wedding Invitations: What Not To Overlook

It seems fairly straightforward: When, Where, What, Who? But sometimes the major details for the biggest day of your life can be overlooked. If your invitation suite compiles a long list of details, make sure to have several people review your work. The last thing you want to do is forget the time, date or even location of your nuptials, trust us, it's not a good look. Here's a quick list of the major details that need to be triple checked!

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