The Wedding Day Timeline

Central California Wedding Planner

how to manage your wedding day timeline

A wedding timeline can be a tricky thing, but the key is to be PREPARED. A good timeline allows for downtime and is built with room for hiccups, giving you peace of mind. I understand it can be overwhelming to capture every detail, but follow our tips to construct your ideal timeline.


Create Multiple Versions of Your Timeline

Having a detailed master timeline is PRIORITY, but it is also important to make simplified versions for each vendor, immediate family and bridal party. This will help reassure each person about what, where and when their services may be needed. 

REAL TALK: This is especially helpful when taking family portraits. If each member understands when they need to be present, it will help move things forward without any delays.


Recognize The Time Frame For Each Vendor

Do you have an 8-hour or 10-hour photography package? How many hours are included in the DJ’s contract? Understanding arrivals and departures for each vendor will allow you to compile the perfect timeline. If your photographer is scheduled to leave at 9:30PM, schedule the memorable highlights before they depart. 


Travel Time Buffer

You must account for travel time between each location in order to be ON TIME! If your ceremony location is separate from the reception, be sure to build in time for guests to mingle, drive and park their vehicles. Always assume that everything will take a little bit longer than expected. Having a cushioned-timeline sets the stage for composure and tranquility. 


Lighting is Important

Think about the time of day when you will be saying “I Do”.  Does this time of day reflect the images you envisioned? Light can be very unforgiving, so discuss lighting with your photographer and schedule an on-site meeting a few weeks before to see what each hour of evening light will reveal. 

REAL TALK: We suggest having a sunset session, even just for 10 minutes. Sunset photographs are exceptional and you will be glad you took a few minutes to capture the beauty.