Wedding Invitations: What Not To Overlook

Central California Wedding Planner

Invitation Quick Checklist

It seems fairly straightforward: When, Where, What, Who? But sometimes the major details for the biggest day of your life can be overlooked. If your invitation suite compiles a long list of details, make sure to have several people review your work. The last thing you want to do is forget the time, date or even location of your nuptials, trust us, it's not a good look. Here's a quick list of the major details that need to be triple checked!



At least you can recover from a misspell named or venue location, but forgetting the day, date and/or time on your wedding invitations will most likely result in complete chaos. And the last thing you will want to do is inform your guests of the mistake and hear about this mishap for all the years to come.



We understand that some people seem to completely disregard the names addressed on the formal wedding invitation, but it is always a good idea to clearly state who the invitation belongs to for your own sanity. If you happen to exclude certain age groups as well, make sure you clearly state that somewhere in your invitation suite. 



If the reception is taking place in a separate location, make sure you have the details regarding the location, start time, possible directions, gate codes (if applicable) and any other pertinent information. You want to make the commute as easy as possible for your guests. If your ceremony and reception are located in the same venue, it is still best to comment "Reception to follow" on the invitation. 



This date will be crucial for the final counts required by your vendors. If the date is approaching and several people have not replied, it's okay to send a quick reminder message. Make sure to give yourself a few days of buffer between your RSVP date and deadline for the final counts needed by your caterer, rental company, florist, etc. 



When asking for meal choices, it's best practice to list out the specific menu options AND ask for the name of each guest to accompany their menu selection. You will not want to receive an RSVP with two separate menu selections and no guest names. Make sure to eliminate any possibilities of mishaps.