Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

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Rehearsal Dinner Tips

Is a rehearsal dinner necessary? Who needs to be invited? Can we just have a party the night before?....

I'm afraid there is no right or wrong answer. A rehearsal dinner is completely optional, but more than likely there may be some social expectations to have some sort of gathering the night before the wedding. But don't worry, we have some tips and advice to help you organize your pre-party soiree.  



There are NO limitations when it comes to the rehearsal dinner guest list! Of course, back in the day most events would only include immediate family and the wedding party, but some traditions are meant to be changed. Your rehearsal dinner can be a small invite only type of setting or an open invitation for all. The rehearsal dinner sets a more relaxed setting where you can maximize your quality time with guests.



Traditionally, the groom's parents usually took care of the planning and payment of the rehearsal dinner. But nowadays, many traditions are no longer relevant. Many couples either take care of the entire cost themselves, or ask for both sets of parents to help split the bill. 



The rehearsal dinner should never exceed the formality of the wedding. That being said, the rehearsal dinner style and setting are at the discretion of the hosts. Also, the rehearsal dinner does not have to be similar to the wedding. In fact, the more different the better. Keep the element of surprise for the wedding day.  



If the groom's father plans to host the event, a welcome toast is always appreciated. The best man can also make a speech followed by any other well-wishers. The couple to be may also say a few words about one another. 



Slideshows and video footage are usually shown at the rehearsal dinner. Who doesn't love a walk down memory lane and the journey that has led the couple to this point? Make sure to check with your venue about the necessary equipment requirements, and have a tech-savvy pal control the show.