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How Much Should You Order?

Although some traditions have changed in recent years, the cake continues to be apart of many wedding celebrations. But many brides are often confused on how big, or how much to order. Choosing a shape, design and flavor can be tiresome enough without having to figure out which guests will actually enjoy this beautiful masterpiece. Unfortunately we are not wedding cake connoisseurs, but our serving guide is here to help you get to your final decision. Enjoy!

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The Budget Breakdown

How much should I spend on flowers, catering and decor? Is my budget accurate for my guest count and location? What do you think my budget should be? For most couples, a wedding is the first time they’ll ever have to think about planning a large-scale event, let alone creating a budget. Over the years we have heard just about every question imaginable, so we thought we would help break it down. No matter your budget, our model is meant to help guide you throughout your wedding process...

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Tips To Looking Your Best In Wedding Photos

Each bride wants to look her absolute best on the biggest day of her life, and who can blame her? Looking your best is a combination of styling, pose, facial expressions and of course the dress! But if you are feeling a little nervous on what exactly needs to be done, we have a few tips to loving your photographs.

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