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The Unplugged Wedding Guide

Can you picture it? An audience of tiny screens welcoming you down the aisle, unexpected ringtones filling the air, pictures being uploaded before you have had a chance to post your own, oh and of course, a swarm of guests consistently surrounding the photographer you spent a pretty penny on. 

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For some brides, shopping for a wedding gown can be utterly thrilling, while for others, it's an utter nightmare. Regardless of your stance, a wedding gown is an essential part of your nuptials and can't be overlooked. To help make the process a tad bit easier, we've compiled a small list of important tips to follow. 

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Ryan + Hannah | SANGER, CA

From the moment Hannah + Ryan showed me the plot of land that would hold their wedding reception, I knew I would be apart of something special. These two humans are by far some of the funniest individuals I have ever met, and it was an absolute honor to help them build their dream wedding from the ground up (literally!).

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