...and so it begins {yay!}

Central California Wedding Planner


As a detail-oriented {borderline OCD} individual, there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off my to-do list starting with my first blog post! I am a wife, mother to my adorable dog Roscoe {no human children yet} and recent first time homeowner. These past few years have been filled with momentous occasions that have led me to my passion-event design and planning.  

Design is my everything and I am finally ready to take the leap of going it on my own. Although I worked in the corporate world, my heart always wanted more. More excitement, more passion, just more. That more has finally been filled, and I couldn't be more elated. I'm not going to lie, it is a little unnerving to actually commit to this, but you have to live in the moment and do what you love.  

I hope you join along in my journey as I share stories, adventures and beautiful finds. 

-Erika Amalia