5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

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What you need to know

Guide books and worksheets and planners..,oh my!

Confusion and frustration are common when searching for wedding advice online {trust me!}, but we are here to help separate fact from fiction. Even with all the resources available, finding any REAL wedding advice can prove difficult. Luckily, over the years we have collected advice from several outlooks {bride and groom, family, guests and vendors} to create a list of universal guidelines. So whether you are planning a romantic backyard wedding or a weeklong marriage festival, follow these tips to wedding bliss!


Wedding Tip One: Know When to Hire Professionals

Are you imaginative, creative and experienced at crafting? Unless the answer is yes, any and all D.I.Y. projects must have an extensive plan of attack. Examine your own abilities before undertaking any task and don’t forget to ask others for assistance.

REAL TALK: Avoid using your wedding as a practice session, as it may lead to more costs, time and energy to replace any items. Not all of us have the skill for crafting, but that’s okay. There are plenty of services available and family and friends are always willing to help {remember you are not alone in this}.  


Wedding Tip Two: The Guest List Golden Number

Compiling a guest list is a daunting task, but at the end of the day it is just not possible to invite every person you have ever encountered. It is best to determine a golden number {in connection to your budget} that can never be crossed. Once that number has been decided plan a meeting with your parents and in-laws and get down to the nitty-gritty. There are going to be several meetings involving your guest list, so stick to your number and hold firm.


Wedding Tip Three: Stand Firm, It's Okay to Show Some Backbone

The word “no” actually exists. Emotions can run high when planning a wedding and everyone seems to have an opinion. If an individual is pushing a particular color, fabric or design that isn’t your style, graciously decline. It’s never okay to be disrespectful, but it is okay to voice your opinion in a calm, collected manner.

Also, communicate with your vendors. If they can improve or have made a mistake, speak up. Remember, you are paying for their service or product and should receive their best work.


Wedding Tip Four: The Limit Does Exist

Limitations are your friend. The best practice is to eliminate as many possibilities as fast as possible. Limit your options and focus your energy towards those ideas. If you don’t want to have your wedding indoors, then focus your energy on outdoor venues such as barns, warehouses and wineries. It’s that simple.

REAL TALK: Research, research, research. Once you decide on your options, research will guide you to the perfect service or product based on your budget and wedding style.


Wedding Tip Five: Don't Forget to Party!

Don’t sweat the small things {I know, easier said than done}! But don’t miss out on celebrating your wedding day to the fullest because the florist showed up 30 minutes late. Hiccups and mishaps will happen along the way, but as long as you focus on the parts that really matter, like your love for your significant other, you've got nothing to worry about!